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Skippa Rope's pedigree

Skippa Rope Story

Skippa Rope APHA 12,012

My first pony BootsieWhen I was a young girl my parents bought a five month old filly for me in 1962 from Bill Sausser of Colorado Springs. She was what we called a red roan with too much white to be registered in the AQHA. Because of this she was cheaper than the registerable quarter colts. But we liked the extra color and were told we could probably get her registered in the fairly new American Paint Horse Association registry. After starting with a spotted Shetland and then graduating to a larger Welsh type paint mare and then to a quarter gelding it was obvious the color caught our family's eye from the very beginning.

Baby Doll McCue and Skippa Rope at a few hours old.We registered her as Baby Doll McCue APHA 10,357. She was actually a sabino with a bald face, white legs, white belly and small white spots up her hip areas. When she was five years old Dad and I called Hank Wiescamp wanting to breed to his stallion Skip Hi, APHA 8. He said he would and we hauled her to Alamosa, Colorado as soon as possible. When we arrived Hank told us he didn't know why he told us he would breed our mare over the phone because he never bred outside mares. But because he told us he would, then he would do it. Hank really liked Baby Doll and tried to buy her from us, but we wouldn't part with her. The next spring she foaled the colt we called Skippa Rope. The first time Hank saw "Rope" he said we were lucky. "You could breed horses your entire life and never get one that good." Hank saw him several times and each time tried to buy him. Once he told me to "name your price". He was not for sale though and never would be.

"If you like a horse at 4 months you'll like him at 4 years. Don't look at him in-between." ~ Hank Wiescamp

Skippa Rope at the heels and Skipover heading the steer.Rope was a natural on his leads and the sweetest horse to be around. He was willing to do anything for you and very athletic. He became an APHA Champion, sire of Champions and National Champions. Through the years he sired 160 colts, 155 spotted paints and only 5 solids. People would bring mares to us who couldn't seem to produce color. He very seldom let anyone down. He was not a very big horse, 14.3 hands but he really threw a lot of size into his colts. Dale and Jean Fell bred a 14.1 hand AQHA palomino mare to him hoping to get a small paint for Jean to ride. The colt, Sky Roper, a palomino tobiano grew to be 15.3 and became a National Champion jumping horse as well as earning a superior in jumping and amassing a total of 1639 points in his career - 120 halter and 1519 in various performance events.

Skippa Rope winning a reining class.Fly Skip Fly, a chestnut tobiano stallion owned by APHA's past president, John and wife Anita Hertner, also out of an AQHA mare was another of Rope's get we were extremely proud of. He became a superior in halter and a superior All-Around and produced 115 get. "Fly" earned 316 total points with 52 in halter.

A local ranchhand from Last Chance, Colorado, (who's name now escapes me) wanted to breed his unregistered sorrel quarter type mare to Skippa Rope. We decided to "go colt for colt", he would get the first colt and we would get the second. The mare had a sabino colt for him and the next year had a tobiano filly I named Roper's Calcutta, for us. I traded the filly to Dad, Arlin Messler, for a horse trailer he was letting us use. He in turn sold her. Roper's Calcutta became APHA's National Champion Working Cowhorse 2 years in a row. She produced, among others, Bonnie Smoke, the Number One National Reining Cowhorse Association's All Time Leading Producer. Five of her foals together have earned $130,097 along with numerous Cowhorse, Cutting, Hackamore and Reining Futurities and Championships.

Spicy Sullivan, AQHA Appendix mare at 2 years old. Dam of Roper's Sullivan.A quarter horse and thoroughbred breeder in our area, the family of James "Sonny" and Carol Keen wanted to breed some mares to Rope. We made a trade of three stud fees for a pick of a young mare out of his band of AQHA and TB mares. I picked a 2 year old appendix AQHA mare, Spicy Sullivan. She was a well put together 15.2 hand bay mare with a blaze face.

Roper's Sullivan APHA 24,800 at 3 years of age - APHA Champion.Bred to Skippa Rope she produced Roper's Sullivan which we later sold to Dean and Linda Norman of Lander,Wyoming. Roper's Sullivan was a sabino stallion that became an APHA Champion with a total of 133 points. He sired 43 registered APHA colts. One of these, Sullivans Heathen earned 91 halter and 426 performance points and has sired 134 registered colts.

Sandy and Skippa Rope 1980Through the years I married and divorced twice and now have reclaimed my maiden name. It probably appeared that Skippa Rope sold several times but he never did. He was always mine. I learned to team rope because I wanted to put cattle points on him but did not want anyone else to ride him. Ok, so call me selfish - I can live with that where Rope is concerned.

I went to college a little later in life (hay was expensive - I needed a better job). I faded out of the horse business for some years but always kept Rope and a couple of others. When Rope was 24 he had an impaction and I lost him.

That spring I took a tobiano granddaughter of his (Ropes Impressor) and bred her to a sabino great-grandson of his (Heath Bar None) owned by Wayne and Nancy Schomaker (both shown below).

Ropes Impressor (dam of Ropers Reflection)  Wayne Schomaker and Heath Bar None, APHA Champion, Superior Halter (sire of Ropers Reflection)

I had the same color combination going as the first time when we bred the sabino mare Baby Doll McCue to the tobiano Skip Hi that produced Skippa Rope - plus Spicy Sullivan was on both sides of the pedigree. With this combination Ropers Reflection was produced - the stallion I am now standing. "Flec" is marked almost like Baby Doll McCue - way back where it all started.

Sandy and Ropers Reflection
Sandy Messler, 719-495-4730, Elbert, Colorado skipparope@yahoo.com
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